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Setting up Eclipse: Java’s popular IDE


This tutorial will help you to install JDK (Java Development Kit), setup Eclipse IDE (Integrated development environment) and get started with Java.

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First of all you have to download some stuff from the Internet:

  1. Download the latest JDK from:
  2. Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers from:


Run JDK installer and follow instructions. After you installed the JDK, unpack eclipse archive somewhere on a disk and run eclipse.exe.

Get started with Eclipse

Select a workspace

If you did previous steps right, you should see the following:

Select a workspace

You are asked to select a workspace directory, where all of your further projects would be stored. You may leave the default folder or choose another one. It’s important to remember this path for future.

After you choose the workspace location, press ok and wait a little, while Eclipse is loading.

Creating a project

Choose File → New → Java Project from menu. In the "New Java Project" window type "HelloWorld" in the project name edit box. Then press Finish button.

Create a Java Project

Click with the right button on the HelloWorld project in package explorer. Choose New → Class:

New Class

Name it "HelloWorld" and set checker box to create main method stub. Then press Finish button.

Create HelloWorld class


            System.out.println("Hello World! I am new to Java.");

in the main method’s body and run HelloWorld with run button:

Run HelloWorld application

You will see the result in a console window:

Console window

Your first Java application is ready! We will discuss it in detail in the next article.

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